New in January!

Table Seating Charts

Seating Plans & Guest Names

Table Seating plans can be combined with your menu, serviette wraps, it can be presented as banners, canvas runners, on gifting per per person- New ideas at toast includes button badges or fridge magnets with the printed guest name, or even VIP party tags    


Coasters & Engraved Glasses

Coasters can be created from Cardboard or Perspex, and can double up as gifts for guests – they can even by laser cut from wood. Create a stir at an event by giving engraved glasses as a gift.


Zoo Cookies!

Create a stir at your event with customized Zoo Cookies! We can design logo’s and artwork for edible cookies for a special event or wedding!


Vinyl & Stickers

Stickers are super popular at the moment!These stickers are available in all shapes and sizes! Stickering can be applied to window treatments, used as vehicle decals, decor motifs on mirrors or walls.


Smoker Sets

Another gift idea for events is to reate custom made cigar packaging with insignia.Toast can make customized match boxes with your logo.


Designer Chef Jackets

Trend setting with this Chef Jacket designed by us!This Shiny metallic jacket was designed for the Urban Glamour Shoot. We custom design Clothing for the Wedding and Event’s Industry ~ a showy idea for Restaurants and Bars.

Save the Date

Digital Save~the~Dates

A Save~the~DateĀ  is given as a way to announce an important upcoming eventwhich kindly requests guests to reserve the date of the special day. Traditionally, save-the-dates are printed and posted to guests, but the digital save-the-date has become an enormous trend for both cost reasons and more particularly, environmental reasons. Digital Cards are not only [...]

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers deserve a category of it’s own. It has several fun purposes – it can be used as an invitation, decor at an event, as part of a table-seating chart where each guest receives his own…They are fun and interactive, and serve as a point of conversation at your event.