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Bruce & Bronwyn approaced us to design their additional stationery for their wedding. They wanted to incorporate a look that would fit the style of the Old Biscuit Mill, where the Venue, Holden Manz Estate, lends itsself to this look & feel. Bronni also loved the idea of a vintage botanical feel, and we suggested the following designs which emulated a combination of the different aspects.

Cameo illustrations were made of the couple’s silhouettes, which translated on most of the stationery. They were lasercut into wooden black signages for the restrooms, and a secondary monogram was created using their initials. the BCD initials are both Bruce & Bronwyn’s initials, which we combined with the cameos to create a stamp. We even made a self-inking “club BCD” stamp which guests were welcomed with at the Dancefloor during the Reception!

We transformed an unused space in the Venue into a walk-through Gallery, suspending the Double Sided Table Seating Banners from the roof with silver clips and string. The Menu’s were double sided postcards, which were plaecd at each table setting, with the guest name indicated on the front. These Postcard Menu’s were accompanied by a wooden eco-friendly pen with an engraved message, with which the guest could write a note on the postcards and place into a “postbox” during the evening. The pens could be taken home as gifts. This was one of two gifts, as the Guests each received a custom designed vellum envelope with a CD, containing the couples’ favourite songs. These were fastened with baby stickers.

Other details included woodedn lasercut brooches for the groomsmen instead of floral boutonnieres, and the bridesmaids names were laser cut from thick black perspex, which were suspended from the hangers that held their dresses. Lemonade and Cheese Bar Tags were also created, the canape Menu’s were silkscreened on Black Aprons ( these were also given as gifts afterwards), and Black Vinyl Stickers decorated the Canape Stands.

We loved designing every part of this wedding! This was a fresh take on the botanical trend and together with the vision of Absolute Collection ( Co-ordinators), this wedding oozed layed back style and fun.

Botanical Stationery

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