Delaire Graff Estate ~ Perspex Table Installations

Interior DesignDelaire Graff Estate

Toast was approached by Jaco Stofberg from “LeafLab” to work on an assignment for Delaire Graff Wine Estate. Jaco’s company specializes in micro~greens, -where LeafLab regularly supplies Delaire with the mini shoots. Delaire wanted these micro-greens readily displayed at the diner’s table, in order for guests to become more familiar with these trendy greens, whilst waiters cut the greens into salads, therefore ensuring an interactive unique experience. After meeting with The Head Chef, Jonathan, we pitched a concept to the company : a Perspex Stand in the colour of the flowers normally displayed in this space, with a mixture of organic black baked clay to contrast with the eclectic mix of textures already evident in the restaurant. The results were great and we are proud to have been involved in this INVENTION! Visit Delaire for the experience.

Microgreens in Black Clay Pots

Lasercut Perspex for Delaire Graff

Lemon Sorbet Perspex Stand



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