IMS Breakfast Event

IMS Medicals (a Medical Insurance Company- approached Toast to organize gifting for their Breakfast Event. We designed custom cake boxes for the event, and used the IMS corporate identity colours as our inspiration board. In collaboration with Mila – the Cakeshop, Toast surprised guests with delectable cupcake treats with custom chocolate piped tags – to say ‘thank you!’.

The boxes were intricately designed for easy packaging, whereby the entire box can fold open in order to place the cupcake carefully inside without crushing the beautiful icing. The Cupcakes were decorated with Edible Gold Dust, Pearl Shimmer Balls and Mini Chocolate Eggs. The mini designer cakes are also made from premium quality chocolate, and are made with an extra moist batter as not to dry out. These cupcakes are also great for mini wedding cakes.

The guests arrived at around 7 o’clock in the morning for their breakfasts at Cafe Delicioux, a new favourite foodie spot with an incredibly lush menu. Serita, Owner and chef, served Salmon and Scrambled eggs, garnished with lemon, as well as freshly squeezed juices (such as apple & pear). This hotspot is definitely worth a try – with its vintage look and modern twists, be sure to make a booking as regular customers flock to claim their seats!


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  1. Marie-Louise Smith says:

    Thank you for the fantastic event. The cupcakes were very special.

  2. papi says:

    papi remember, it was delicious ..

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