Birds & Bling


This wedding invitation was created for Carryn & Dave who are great friends of mine! Carryn has a larger than life personality – and her invitation reflects her radiant company. We designed a beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom Die-Cut Pouch that resembles a cloud, and stuckĀ  small lasercut birds with diamante eyes onto the insert. All designs [...]

Canvas Wedding Invitation

Cream Wedding invitaion

Kara-Lee & Gary’s Wedding Invitation is a Luxurious Canvas paper with a slate print. The Monogram was custom designed and translated on the rest of the stationery!



Your wedding invitation naturally sets the tone for the look and feel of your entire wedding. Customize any stationery with your logo, your initials, a monogram or a favorite image! Envelopes | Gifts | Tags | Wrapping Paper | Pencils | Paper | Postcards | Boxes| Great ideas for personalizing stationery would include gifting for [...]